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Let’s Use Our Phones

I took a few scarves on a walk today in Grand Teton National Park in Jackson, Wyoming.  I was feeling a bit lonely and blue when I set out because of COVID isolation.  I went to the Geraldine Lucas cabins because she was an independent spirit and few people find the place.  The Park is still very crowded with people trying to “get away”.

I decided to take photos using my phone.  I never take photos usually, but the Fall colors were so subtle and captivating.  And we want colors for our Vista 360° social media.  The first time I met Aidai, in Bishkek, she showed me photos in her computer that she took at Lake Issyk Kul.  She said, “This is our palette.  All the colors we use are inspired by nature.”    So I took photos of the scarves close to the same colors I was seeing all around me.  I soon lost myself in the beauty of the colors and the fun of hanging scarves in trees and on door knobs and the lovely evening -- and very soon I felt happy and I still do.

This is just one example of how we can use our phones to do worthwhile projects -- such as helping Aidai’s studio re-open -- and I helped myself at the same time.   We are experimenting with many ways to use our phones -- this is just the beginning of the journey. 

The studio is back at work now!  Vista 360° was able to buy 200 scarves to give them the necessary funds to re-open.  Now we’ll sell this wearable art inspired by the colors at Lake Issyk Kul and hopefully order more soon.  Thanks for reading!  Please have a look at our Fall 2020 Collection.  I hope they’ll remind you of lovely evenings in the mountains.

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