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2016 Holiday Pop Up Store

Beautiful World

2016 Holiday Pop-Up Store

60 Center Street
(formerly Leslie's)

Open Daily 11am - 7 pm (except Christmas Day)

Now through December 31st

We have all of our beautiful things from Kyrgyzstan -- a great selection of Aidai's silk and wool felt scarves ON SALE, quilted cotton jackets, wool felt hats and dolls -- and we've invited friends to join us for a celebration of handmade craft and design.  Partners include the legendary Santa Fe International Folk Art Market, NOMAD from Ojai, Cloth Road's Peruvian textiles and Didi Thunder's Tibetan rugs -- plus much more.  
- elegant Taureg silver and beads from the Sahara,
- Kazakh patterned silver jewelry,
- filigree jewelry from Spain,
- colorful Moroccan beads made from agave cactus threads,
- and ostrich eggshell beads from the San people of Namibia.
Please come and enjoy the wisdom of beautiful things.
Omba Ostrich Egg Jewelry             Baskets from Santa Fe International Folk Art Festival
Cuban Painter Vista 360       peruvian poncho vista 360