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Focus On Connection

Greetings and hugs from Vista 360°.  We’re reconnecting with our friends and further activating our network – and thinking of you.  And we’re celebrating our accomplishments, all thanks to our circle of friends.   We offer beautiful things for the eye, mind and heart – the wisdom of elegance, social purpose and craftsmanship, all woven together with intention.
Post-Trump and mid-pandemic, we’re inspired to take action to help us prevent Trump Forever.  We need to join forces to build a strong, prevailing counterforce in both U.S. and global culture.  Most important, we need to give life to the lessons learned from the pandemic about compassion and new possibilities.  We are part of a global revolution and want to be conscious of this in everything we do.
In this spirit, at Vista 360° we’re trumpeting the role of artisans and handmade beauty as a powerful force of innovation and discarding the idea of artisan support as charity. We recognize and appreciate that artisans are the second largest work force globally (after agriculture) and many artisan thought-leaders are women from rural areas.  We want to help spread the word about how revolutionary it is to support artisans all around the globe – and we’re pioneering the use of the ubiquitous phone to do this.  Please join us by helping us to expand our network for support, sales and sharing.  Thank you!

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Warmly, Candra

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