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AIDAI Designs

AIDAI Designs was founded by Aidai Asangulova in 2001. Aidai is an award-winning fashion designer as well as a leader for cultural revival in Kyrgyzstan. Her work combines traditional techniques with a modern design aesthetic, seamlessly weaving together the old and the new. Aidai uses an original hand-rolling technique she created to fuse wool felt with other textiles, especially high quality silk.  


AIDAI is produced by Studio Bukon, led by Aidai and her sister and fellow designer, Nuzhamal Asangulova. Studio Bukon employs 20 master artisans. Located in the capital of Bishkek, Studio Bukon has received numerous awards and has been invited twice to create exhibits at the National Museum of Fine Art. Aidai is also the co-founder of the annual World of Felt Festival to celebrate Kyrgyz traditional clothing.  


Our top priority during challenging times of COVID-19 continues to be the health and safety of our customers. To make sure that our scarves are COVID-safe we take the following measures:

Every scarf is hung for at least 24 hours before shipping.

We are steaming every scarf before shipping. 

These measures may delay shipping by 1-3 days.